The CCS Statement on the 2018 Inter-Korean Summit

April 30, 2018

The Center for Communist Studies would like to state its support for the Inter-Korean Summit that took place the morning of April 27, 2018 in Panmunjom. We are deeply moved by the unity displayed by Chairman Kim Jong-un and President Moon Jae-in.


It is important to highlight that this event is the product of the protracted struggle of the Korean people, waging a continuous campaign against U.S. imperialism for over 6 decades. It would not have been possible without the candlelight movement that removed the previous conservative government in the South and enabled the election of the left government of President Moon Jae-in. Nor would it have been possible without the deft statecraft we’ve seen from the honorable officials of the Korean governments.


The U.S. media is already claiming that peace in Korea is the product of genocidal threats against Korea issued by the murderous U.S. empire. Donald Trump is attempting to take responsibility for the peace summit. Communists must be clear: the end of the Korean War has absolutely nothing to do with the machinations of U.S. officials. Korea has sought a peace treaty for more than half a century, and the U.S. has continually refused to negotiate peace with Korea. The United States is the principal enemy of peace in Korea and in the world. It is important for communists to relay this message to the masses and combat the distortions of the ruling class.


The declaration of peace on the Korean Peninsula is cause for celebration. It is a beautiful affirmation of the right of the Korean people to national self-determination. We in the West will continue to struggle in solidarity with Korea for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the peninsula as well as the cessation of all U.S. military drills threatening Korean sovereignty. Korea is one.


- TJC on behalf of the Center for Communist Studies


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