The CCS Statement on the Anniversary of Lenin's Birth

April 22, 2018


The deification of individuals, as is often practiced by the bourgeois media in the west, runs counter to the principals of dialectical materialism which we strive to uphold. However, from time to time, it is useful and right to celebrate the achievements of individuals who contributed to the struggles of the Revolution; these shining examples of dedication act not as heroes to be worshipped and idolized, but rather as milestones, as great anchor points along the road to Communism.


No human individual is above criticism. The story of history is not a story of great minds and politicians, but rather a story of the masses and their struggle to be free. In that vein, let us celebrate the birth of Comrade Lenin as he would have wanted us to: as an opportunity to study, to critique, and to look back on the gains of the Revolution, and its missteps.


Today is the 148th year since the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, who called himself “Lenin” after the Lena river in Siberia, near the place of his imprisonment during his exile under the Tsar. V.I. Lenin, along with the other Red revolutionaries of 1917, brought about a sea-change upon the earth, and together they created a new type of society hitherto unseen in the world: a stable, socialist construction, devoted to the equity and stability not only of one class, but to the eventual abolishment of all classes.


Therefore, the CCS invites you to spend this day of Lenin’s anniversary celebrating, but in a thoughtful, practical way. Let us not ossify Lenin into a statue, but rather understand him as but one among the revolutionaries who worked, tirelessly, diligently, to destroy the Tsarist autocracy and advanced the social science of Marxism.


-Drafted by Z on behalf of the CCS Leadership Committee

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