The CCS Statement on Nicaragua

April 22, 2018

While Mao has proclaimed that “It is right to rebel”, as Communists we must always be discerning of the character of protest, movements, and the ideas behind them. This has become even more important in the age of the internet, with the ability for the western bourgeois to use social media to rail against “injustices”.


We see another manifestation of this process with “#SOSNicaragua“.

Many of the so called “left” in the United States have raced to endorse this movement, wanting to defend “the people” against “dictatorship”. This is an error we must avoid. While we have seen many of the “left” endorse this movement, it is important to look at who else is endorsing this narrative. We have seen it endorsed by Ana Navaro, known for her family connections to the Nicaraguan Contras. It has also received acknowledgement by the US State Department . Besides these worrying endorsements, the protests themselves appear to be endorsed and participated in by self proclaimed fascists


As Communists, we stand with the Sandinistas against bourgeois, fascist, and imperialist attacks.


( If you would be interested in contributing a piece with more in depth analysis of the situation in Nicaragua, please reach out to us to submit your work. )


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