Solidarity with Asian-Americans Facing State-Sanctioned Violence

The Center for Communist Studies

The Center for Communist Studies stands in solidarity with Asian-Americans as they face heightened bigotry and violence in the United States; as they are sacrificed on the altar of white supremacy in the United States’ continued quest to demonize China and other Asian countries and cultures as enemies of the imperialist state.

As communists, it is vital for us to remain active in the struggle against this violence because we acknowledge thatas Asian women stand at the intersection of capitalism’s oppressive systems of racism and misogynythere is a direct, causal link between the racism and misogyny that Asian women face today and the centuries of colonialism that Asia has endured at the hands of Europe and the United States. Our opposition to capitalism and imperialism must rest upon an understanding of how gendered oppression and racism sustain not only each other, but capitalism and imperialism as well.

On Tuesday, a white man shot and killed eight peoplesix of them Asian womenat three different Georgia massage parlors. The police have noted that the murderer may have been struggling with a sex addiction and might have been acting out his pathologies. This information is offered as both explanation and excuse, as is customary when the police and the capitalist media discuss the acts of violence and terror committed by white men. Cherokee County sheriff’s spokesman, Captain Jay Bakera former employee of the U.S. mercenary outfit Blackwateropined that the murderer was simply having “a bad day.”

A lengthy history of white violence, often sexual in nature, places Asian women, and especially those working in the service sector, in a position of exceptional vulnerability. The material history of this violence, as well as the discursive practices of violence both at home and abroad, evidence an equally lengthy history of anti-Asian violence perpetrated by the United States, such as:

  • US involvement in the Opium Wars

  • People vs. Hall 1854a California Supreme Court ruling that barred people of Asian descent from testifying against whites in court

  • The exploitation of Chinese immigrants in the most dangerous and grueling of work conditions (garment factories, railroads, mining, etc.)

  • The massacre of 1871a mass lynching of seventeen Chinese people by a predominantly white mob

  • The Chinese Exclusion Act—an act which banned Chinese immigration from 1882 to 1943

  • The Rock Springs Massacre

  • The persecution of people of Asian descent during the San Francisco Plague

  • The colonization of the Philippines by the United States

  • The internment of people of Japanese descent in American concentration camps

  • The U.S. occupation of South Korea and bombardment of the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea

  • The U.S.-backed and supported genocide in many parts of South East Asiamost prominently in Indonesia during the years of 1965-66

  • The war of aggression against Vietnam

  • The new Cold War against China

  • A shifting blame for the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the state-sanctioned increase in both the discourse and practice of anti-Asian violence

We at the Center for Communist Studies stand firmly—and always—with oppressed peoples in the US and abroad, and we condemn, in the strongest language possible, the alarming rise in anti-Asian violence and rhetoric in the imperial core.