Bolivia Solidarity Statement

The Center for Communist Studies expresses its continued support for the government of President Evo Morales, the MAS-IPSP, and the Plurinational State of Bolivia against internal reaction stoked by US imperialism. We applaud the accomplished leadership of President Morales and the MAS-IPSP in the development of the social, political, and economic rights of all Bolivian people including the Indigenous people of Bolivia.

We echo the call by communist parties and progressive peoples throughout the world in support of the government of President Morales and in opposition to the reactionary coup. Continuous interventions carried out through US-dominated institutions such as the OAS, through economic warfare, through the arming and training of death squads, and through direct military actions, are nothing short of crimes against humanity, precipitating conflict and impoverishment everywhere they occur. Bolivia, Chile, Haiti, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, and on and on, all represent different sites of the same struggle: the struggle against US imperialism.

Solidarity with President Evo Morales and the people of Bolivia! Solidarity with all those fighting against US imperialism throughout the world!


The Center for Communist Studies

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