People's Pulse Radio is a Marxist-Leninist podcast recorded and produced by the research fellows right here at the Center for Communist Studies. In the landscape of contemporary communist podcasting, PPR takes a unique approach—through the eclectic combination of music, analysis, and critique from the scholarly lens of communist and subaltern action, we aim to bring attention to geographies typically underrepresented by conventional socialist investigation, such as the Global South, the Middle East, and more. Where communist political action thrives in the world, there do we, as a podcast, turn to shed a bit of light of the politics, the music, and the culture of those regions.

Our hosts are passionate about music, scholarship, and aim to contribute to the living, and thriving, culture of communism as it occurs, and has occurred, in the world. We hope to fill a much-needed niche on the contemporary left, and we promise to spin nothing but the best revolutionary and communist music, and to hopefully introduce you to things you might not yet have heard of.