Meet Our Founders


Ethan Deere

Ethan Deere holds a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education with a Concentration in Life Sciences. His research interests include the intersection between natural science, education theory, philosophy, and Marxist-Leninist theory and practice. Ethan is currently employed as a high school science teacher.

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Red Starr

Red Starr is a 2018 graduate of Chicago Theological Seminary. She is pursuing work in the educational field in Vietnam. Her research interests include: intersections of religion and theology, LGBT Issues, Juche, and analysis of popular culture.

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Ben Stahnke

Ben is a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Studies and Political Ecology, where he studies the intersection of dialectical theory and nature as it applies to climate change, security, and border studies. Ben holds an M.A. in Political Philosophy, an M.S. in Environmental Studies, and a B.A. in Classical Philosophy and Anthropology. Ben's writing has been featured in Climate and CapitalismForward: Popular Theory and Practice, and elsewhere.

Meet The Team


Christian Noakes

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Christian Noakes is an urban sociologist and geographer whose work is grounded in historical materialism and anti-imperialism. Much of his work looks at the relationship between capitalism and the built environment. He has contributed to several publications including An SpréachMarxism-Leninism Today, and Cosmonaut.


Jarrod Grammel

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Jarrod Grammel is a worker, political philosopher, and historian. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy from George Washington University with a minor in history. There he focused on political philosophy and economic history, and took his senior philosophy seminar on the Philosophy of Fascism and anti-Fascism.


Samuel Parry

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Sam is a PhD student in Political Economy at Cardiff University, where he studies the links between culture, geography and the economy through a Marxist lens to explain the peripherality of stateless nations in Europe, namely his home of Wales. Sam holds an MSc in Welsh Politics and Governance from Cardiff University and a BSc in Government from the London School of Economics. More widely, he is researching the viability of using development and dependency theories to explain the peripherality of areas at the edge of Europe and looking how the EU entrenches these inequalities.

Molaodi Wa Sekake

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Bio coming soon!


Antony LeRoy

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Antony is an ASU PhD student in English Literature. They are a Critical Theorist who explores the beginnings of Capitalism through their work in the Early Modern Period. Their areas of expertise are Economic, Queer, and Critical Race theory. They are currently working on a forthcoming book titled The Market of Eden for CCS’s Iskra Press.


TJ Combs

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TJ Combs is a student of history, a revolutionary socialist, and a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. His primary research interests are in Detroit labor activism, black liberation, and the pan-African idea. He's been involved in various protest movements and initiatives against police brutality, imperialist war, and militant white nationalism in the United States, among other things. He takes pride in working every day to advance the cause of liberation for the working class.

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Joshua Zolotin

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J. Zolotin is a public defender, scholar, and author. As an historian, he has studied societies and the forces that shape them, from the classical to the late medieval, all over the globe. He is a diligent Marxist-Leninist, working to advance the cause of scientific socialism and end the abusive, exploitative, and ultimately unstable economic system that currently governs our lives.


Tony Chamoles

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Tony Chamoles is the Latin American branch director for the Center for Communist Studies and the Spanish and Portuguese translator for Peace, Land, and Bread. He is a talented graphic designer, a live-action translator, and a multi-instrumentalist musician. Tony is a member of the Brazilian Communist Party, the Guevarist Movement of Argentina, and is also involved with the Pan-American People's Liberation Party.

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Chris Costello

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Chris Costello is a Marxist-Leninist editor, poet, and essayist, whose work has appeared in Forward! Popular Theory and Practice, The Forge News, Protean Magazine, and elsewhere. He is interested in the relationship of literature to politics and the interactions between race, class, gender, disability, and sexuality.