Our Mission and Working Projects

The primary mission of the CCS will be to enhance scholarly communist research in the US and abroad in the following ways. We aim to: 

  1. provide education and training concerning Marxist-Leninist theory, history, and thought

  2. encourage center-based and community-based research which broadly applies Marxism-Leninism across various fields  

  3. support those who are doing Marxist-Leninist research by way of research assistance and publication potential

  4. conduct and publish our own research which addresses significant politico-economic challenges in the US and abroad 

The CCS will be modeled around similar institute projects which seek to encourage analysis, education, and the furthering of communist thought. We aim to work on the intersection of scholarship and activism in such a way as to best support communities of resistance, workers, and the oppressed.

The primary working projects of the CCS are as follows: 

  1. run a lively and educational social media platform, inclusive of our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages

  2. publish a quarterly journal, Peace Land, and Bread, which entails the maintenance of a robust editorial board, quarterly calls for submission, reviews, graphic design, advertising, publishing, outreach, and more

  3. regularly produce a podcast, People's Pulse Radio, which entails interview design, music editing, sound editing, podcast hosting, and more

  4. develop and expand the publishing abilities of the CCS publishing house, Iskra Books, which entails editorial structure, the republication of out-of-print and public domain works of Marxist-Leninist theory, history, and science, as well as editorial and publication partnerships with other left publishers

  5. develop, expand, and support individual CCS research fellow projects, such as doctoral dissertations, theses, book projects, and article projects

  6. develop and publish a peer-reviewed journal of communist ecology, Communauté, which entails the building of an editorial board, calls for submission, reviews, graphic design, advertising, publishing, and outreach 

  7. continue to publish and expand our audio text series on YouTube 

Our Researchers


Ethan Deere

Ethan Deere holds a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education with a Concentration in Life Sciences. His research interests include the intersection between natural science, education theory, philosophy, and Marxist-Leninist theory and practice. Ethan is currently employed as a high school science teacher.

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Red Starr

Red Starr is a 2018 Seminary Graduate. She experienced a socialist response to covid 19 first hand living in Vietnam. Since then she has returned to organize and educate in the US.  Her research interests include: intersections of communism and theology, LGBT Issues, Ho Chi Minh Theory, and analysis of popular culture.


Ben Stahnke

Ben Stahnke is a PhD candidate of Political Ecology in the Department of Environmental Studies at Antioch University, where he is currently writing his dissertation on the intersection of climate migration, border militarization, and dialectical materialism. Ben holds a MA in Political Philosophy, a MS in Environmental Science, and his writing has been featured in Climate and Capitalism, Forward: Popular Theory and Practice, Peace, Land, and Bread, with the Hampton Institute, the CPUSA, and elsewhere.

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Christian Noakes

Christian Noakes is an urban sociologist and geographer whose work is grounded in historical materialism and anti-imperialism. Much of his work looks at the relationship between capitalism and the built environment. He has contributed to several publications including An Spréach, Marxism-Leninism Today, and Cosmonaut.


Jarrod Grammel

Jarrod Grammel is a worker, political philosopher, and historian. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy from George Washington University with a minor in history. There he focused on political philosophy and economic history. Although his research is varied, his main areas of interest are fascism, political violence, labor history, and modern German history.

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Joshua A. Hodges

Joshua is a Marxist-Leninist academic currently finishing their PhD in fire ecology. They are an emergency services volunteer born and raised in country Australia—and is a prolific poet, artist, playwright and author. They came to revolutionary politics through their work with First Nations Australians—and a love of their Catholic Irish and Mancunian heritage. Their work with the CCS focusses on ecological philosophy, language activism, decolonisation and Australian communist history.

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Antony Leroy

Antony is an ASU PhD student in English Literature. They are a Critical Theorist who explores the beginnings of Capitalism through their work in the Early Modern Period. Their areas of expertise are Economic, Queer, and Critical Race theory. They are currently working on a forthcoming book titled The Market of Eden for CCS’s Iskra Press.


TJ Combs

TJ Combs is a student of history, a revolutionary socialist, and a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. His primary research interests are in Detroit labor activism, black liberation, and the pan-African idea. He's been involved in various protest movements and initiatives against police brutality, imperialist war, and militant white nationalism in the United States, among other things. He takes pride in working every day to advance the cause of liberation for the working class.

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Talia Lux

Talia Lux has a Masters in Library and Information Science, and a Bachelors in Art History. She studies Jewish history, with an emphasis in anti-zionism, editorial cartoons and their impact on the working class, and communist history overall. She has been speaking out against injustices ever since she can remember, and firmly believes in Fred Hampton's statement that "theory with no practice ain't shit." Talia is a member of the Socialist Rifle Association and the Industrial Workers of the World.


Taylor R. Genovese

Taylor R. Genovese is an anthropologist and Ph.D. Candidate in the Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology program at Arizona State University. His dissertation research examines the historical, theological, and empirical linkages between the legacy of Russian Cosmism, the Soviet space program, and the constructed secularity of Silicon Valley technologists.


Jeff Korolev

Jeff Korolev is a neuroscience researcher. Off the clock, Jeff is interested in the relationship between capitalism and maladaptive outcomes in the brain, as well as how capitalism hampers scientific research and output. Outside of neuroscience, Jeff is interested in researching how to promote collectivist culture in an individualist society.

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Lydia Kurtz

Lydia Kurtz is an undergraduate senior studying Civil and Environmental Engineering with a Minor in Religion. Her aim is to attend graduate school with a focus on Global Studies and Human Rights. She is interested in contributing to all things liberation from #LandBack to astrology to community care.

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Nick Troy

Nick Troy is a recent MSc Historical Studies graduate with an interest in inter-imperial legal contests in the early modern Americas, as well as the cultivation and contestation of space in peripheral areas and how such practices have influenced the cultural and political development of the colonial powers.

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Sam Glasper

Sam Glasper is a Marxist Leninist writer and organiser from County Durham in North East England. He holds a Bachelors degree in International Politics from Manchester Metropolitan and a Master of Arts in Politics and International Relations (Political Theory) from Durham University. Main interests and specialties are social movements, the conduct for emancipatory struggle and the history of radical political thought. He is a member of the revolutionary communist organisation Red Fightback and a union member of the Industrial Workers of the World.