Selections from our Articles of Incorporation

WHEREAS, the Members have caused to be formed, or intended to be formed, a corporation under and pursuant to the Act (as defined below) for the exclusive purposes of educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Code (as defined below); and


WHEREAS, the Members will provide educational material in the form of books, journals, and writings, to raise consciousness about the precepts of Communism, to debate and discuss those precepts, and to make available for sale certain materials concerning Communism;


NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual terms, covenants, and conditions contained herein, the Organizers hereby agree as follows:




2.1 Formation and Name of Company. The undersigned Members do hereby agree to form and ratify the formation of a Connecticut corporation under the name “The Center for Communist Studies, Incorporated” pursuant to the Act. The actions of the Organizer in filing or causing to be filed with the Secretary of the State the Articles of Organization ubstantially in the form annexed hereto as Schedule A are hereby ratified and approved.


2.2 Purpose. The purpose of the Company is to engage in non-political advocacy, education, and charitable activities as set forth above. The Company is a research institute, devoted to the organization, proliferation, and advancement of Marxist-Leninist studies and activities. 





The Company shall be nonstock and no dividends or pecuniary profits shall ever be declared or inure to the members thereof. No financial gain shall ever accrue to a member or shareholder of the Company, nor to any person or institution in the conduct of the business of this Company. Any receipts of the Company in excess of the ordinary expenses of operation shall inure to the benefit of the Company and shall be applied by the directors thereof to any and all expenses incurred in carrying out any and all of the purposes herein set forth.




4. The Company shall adhere to the following permissible purposes, and shall not be directed to act in any way, shape, or form, that does not conform with one or more of the following components of the Company’s program, namely:


  • Centrality of Dialectical Materialism and Material Analysis. The Company shall not make use of or publish any document, pamphlet, book, or leaflet, that does not adhere to historical materialism.

  • Support of Actually Existing Socialism. As far as is practicable, the Company shall not put forth any attack of Actually Existing Socialism as determined by the Directors.



  • Scientific Socialism over Idealism. Under no circumstances shall the Company promote idealistic socialism, but shall be wholly devoted to the development of Scientific Socialism rooted in a material analysis.


  • Adherence to Lenin’s Definition of Imperialism. The Company shall adhere to the definition of imperialism as forwarded by Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, and shall not confuse the use of this scientific term to refer to anything other than the capitalist exploitation of colonized, subaltern, and subject states and peoples.


  • Self-Determination of Nations. The Company shall, under no circumstances, advocate for any position other than the absolute self-determination of nations, as defined by shared political, social, economic, and cultural elements. The Company shall publicly oppose the subjugation of any nation to any other.


  • Democratic Centralism and the Vanguard Party. The Company shall uphold the tenets of Democratic Centralism and the necessity of the Vanguard Party.


  • Class Struggle, Not Reform. The Company shall not advocate reformism except as an element in the necessary class-struggle, and shall not endorse reformist policies insofar as they are opportunist and not fashioned as a tool of a larger struggle.


  • Praxis, not Theory Without Practice. The Company shall not advocate the promulgation of bare theory absent praxis.


  • Focused on the People, not the Elite. In all endeavors, the Company shall be focused on educating and organizing the mass of laboring people, not on reaching the bourgeois.




The Company shall have five directors. The persons forming this Company shall be its initial directors, until such time as new directors are selected.




6.1 The Board of Directors shall adopt bylaws by unanimous consent for the management and operation of the Company not in conflict with the stated purposes of the Company under the above Article IV.


6.2 The object and purposes of the Company, as well as a complete and current copy of its bylaws, shall be available to any Director or other agent upon request.




This Company shall have no members.




These articles may be amended by the majority vote of the Board of Directors, save for Article IV above and this Article VIII, which may only be amended by the unanimous vote of the Board of Directors.




In witness whereof, we, the incorporators of this corporation, have set our hands and executed these articles on the 17 day of April, 2018.