Our Vision

The Center for Communist Studies is an academic research institute designed to support scholarship, education, and publishing in the field of Marxist-Leninist studies. We exist to provide resources and opportunities for an international body of scholars and research fellows, and to support transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary inquiries into the theoretical and practical applications of Marxist-Leninist theory more generally.


The primary mission of the CCS is to enhance scholarly research in the field of communist studies by: 1) providing publishing and research opportunities related to Marxist-Leninist areas of inquiry , 2) encouraging  avant-garde and important research projects on the intersection of Marxism-Leninism and a diversity of disciplines, 3) connecting an international fellowship of researchers and scholars working with Marxist-Leninist theory both inside and outside of the academy, and 4) disseminating research which addresses the significant social, political, and economic challenges facing the international working class. 


The CCS will operate in several capacities:

1. The CCS will provides its research fellows with publishing and editing opportunities through book projects, novel research, and our peer-reviewed, scholarly journal project, Peace, Land, and Bread.


2. The CCS will publish, at low-cost, out-of-print and underrepresented works of Marxist theory and scholarship. Through our in-house publishing concern, Iskra Books, the CCS seeks to provide expanded access to the classics of communist theory and history, as well as new educational collections, and research projects conducted by our fellows.


3. The CCS will engage with the wider, international body of community-based activism, connecting with other scholarly and activist organizations in the efforts of seeking real-world, practical ways to support revolutionary scholarship and community work abroad.  As academic-activists, we seek to remain open, transparent, and impeccably ethical through our deep and committed engagement with both scholarship and progressive, radical work in the community.


The Need for an Interdisciplinary Marxist-Leninist Research Center:


Presently, there exists no institute focused specifically on scholarly research into the field of Marxist-Leninist studies from the communist lens. The CCS works to both integrate and connect international scholars  and to provide a welcoming, supportive center for research and engagement. The CCS provides institutional support for those seeking to engage in Marxist-Leninist research and analysis.  The purpose of the CCS is to provide services and resources that are not already provided by academic departments and socialist educational organizations and to do so with a focus on extant and historical Marxist-Leninist politics. For the CCS to be successful, it is vital to train research fellows, writers, and theorists, and to provide avenues for publication and for the dissemination of our research.


Benefits of the Center: 

As indicated, the design and scope of the CCS would be tailored to assist the needs of researchers, students, and instructors of Marxist-Leninist studies by providing opportunities for collaboration. Accordingly, the major benefits of the proposed CCS include the following:


Facilitating Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Providing a Center for Study and Research in Marxism-Leninism: The CCS will provide an opportunity for research and education which currently does not exist outside of the socialist core.


Providing a Web Gateway to Marxist-Leninist and Communist Political Inquiry: CCS’s website will be a gateway to Marxist-Leninist Studies and interdisciplinary communist political inquiry. The CCS’s site will include links to information about Marxist-Leninist Studies and scientific socialist political inquiry internationally.


Improving the Perceptions of Marxism-Leninism: One final benefit of the Center is also worth noting. The organization of CCS as a research institute, as well as the creation of scholarly journals, book collections, and an in-house publishing concern would serve as an effective counterposition to the widespread perception that Marxist-Leninist Studies are not serious academic ventures compared to the studies and political theories which simply reinforce and reproduce the political economic status quo.


Improving Social Conditions: By advancing working class research, the CCS would also provide a number of clear benefits to the working class more generally. Researchers into Marxist-Leninist inquiry are addressing real world problems in their research. Political inquiry involves, primarily, a human dimension that cuts across economic, social, health, political, psychological and policy fields. The CCS remains dedicated to providing publishing, education, and resources that promote positive, progressive social change.