The Center for Communist Studies

The Center for Communist Studies is an academic-activist research center dedicated to the investigation and articulation of communist theory, to the creation of an accessible and multidisciplinary Marxist-Leninist education, and to the publication of rigorous and high quality scholarship. 

We are an independent, scholarly, and activist collection of undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral research fellows working and researching across a diversity of fields. Our fellows come from diverse academic backgrounds, professional fields, and geographies. We are interdisciplinary, intersectional, and dedicated to the growth of Marxist-Leninist scholarship, both in and outside of academia. We are currently working on building our social media presence, coordinating future research projects, building-up of our publications capabilities, and putting together a forthcoming quarterly journal.


On our website, please find our institutional documents, our blog articles, current research projects, visual media, our audiobooks, information about our future publications, and our exciting new partnership with The Plough and Stars podcast. Check back regularly, as we hope to soon add more resources for research (including subject syllabi, reading lists, study guides, and more), publication, and praxis.

Please let us know if there is any way that we could better service the academic-activist field of Marxist-Leninist research, theory, practice, and application.

In solidarity,

CCS Fellows

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The Center for Communist Studies

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