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Since 2017, the research fellows at the CCS have been working on longitudinal research  projects, publishing, education, podcasting, outreach, and expansion. Today, in 2020in a world wracked by exigencies of late capitalismwe at the CCS are proud to bring you the results of this hard work: our peer-reviewed journal, Peace, Land, and Bread, our podcast, People's Pulse Radio, our publishing concern, Iskra Books, our audio text collection, as well as a host of other projects we currently have in the works.  


Since 2017, we have grown beyond our initial three graduate student co-founders to a lively and diverse array of sixteen graduate, doctoral, and post-doctoral scholars from all over the world. We have supported scholars from South Africa, Ireland, Brazil, India, Wales, Australia, Canada, and the US; and as we continue to grow, we continue to work to help our scholars become leading voices in Marxist-Leninist scholarship and publishing. 

Interested in working with us? Reach out to us center@communiststudies.org and send along a CV, as well as a writing sample, and we'll set up a time to talk.